#FoodComa: What to eat on hot days and rainy nights


The transition from an Indian summer to the country’s raging monsoon is a strange time. Days seem endless, hot and muggy, and nights bring strong winds and icy storms. It’s times like these when one finds themselves torn between hot cups of cocoa and chilly bowls of ice cream. Thankfully, this week’s Insta foodies plated up dishes perfect for every hour of the day.

For cool evenings, nothing will hit the spot than a cook Bina’s piping hot masala dosas, Kalpana Sareesh’s ragi idlis (served with a steaming cup of masala chai) or Anett’s sweet potato and cashew korma on basmati rice.

And what about the unbearably hot days? We’re picking Asma Khan’s crispy cool pani puris and Elena’s kiwi popsicles, but only after bowls brimming with cooling hummus by Ellie Baygulov and Viola.



A dish that Has a Perfect Balance the light crust,Summer Brunch, and Nutritious.



Nothing  could gratify your hunger better than the”DESI INDIAN THALI” kadhai Paneer ,naan and rise the NICE combo to serve an empty Stomach.

eva1706.jpg (1)


To all those who have a sweet tooth,this summer quench your tongue with the exquisite favours of Kulfies


Reduced Caffeine:

Chai tea provides a robust, satisfying beverage that can substitute for some of your daily coffee consumption. Caffeinated tea has less caffeine than coffee, and decaffeinated tea has almost none. Having chai instead of coffee provides health benefits and satisfies the taste buds.


Sea food:

sea food is very good for you.  Nutritionists have known for decades that seafood is a low-fat source of high-quality protein and that the health benefits of eating seafood make it one of the best choices for children, active adults, and the elderly.


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